Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels & Demons - Movie Review

Ron Howard has done it again! Or did it first? Whatever the confusion is surrounding the timeline of the two books-turned-blockbusters, Angels & Demons has come out as a very well done adaptation of Dan Brown's first Robert Langdon book.

In many ways it is hard for a movie to come out as the sequel to such a controversial topic, such as The Da Vinci Code amplified. Angels & Demons is quite worthy to be the sequel given the action and controversy and mystery centered at the core of the plot. The movie does a wonderful job of flowing through the events of the book without either much hesitation or rush. The pace was set and it was followed well. The cast was wonderfully picked and, though there were still a few awkward lines, everyone was able to bring their many parts into a whole.

Praises be said, there were a few points which I felt were lacking in the film. Namely was the subtle lack of any blatant attack on the Roman Catholic Church. I suppose given the trouble that The Da Vinci Code stirred up, Ron Howard may have been a bit loathsome to conjure up more trouble. I understand that the events in the book are disturbing enough, but I did not find any offense with them. I sense a more subtle controversy in the actions of the Camerlengo and the decisions of the Cardinals, all of which are very progressive. I suppose the progressiveness of the events is what lends itself to the controversy.

On the whole, Angels & Demons is very much worth the trip to the theater. It's even a good watch for those who have not yet read the book, or if it's been quite a while. I, in fact, will soon be re-reading the book so that I can have the fullest appreciation for the movie adaptation.