Friday, March 15, 2013

Before & After: Side Table

I’m currently remodeling my room. New paint, furniture, accessories. Since I’m on a budget, I opted not to get the nightstand that matches my new bedroom furniture. So I decided that I didn’t need a table since the dresser would be all of two feet from my bed. But I really wanted to do a pendant light next to the bed, and that would just look silly without having something to shine on.

Fortunately, Providence was smiling down on me. I happened to accompany my mom on a job, who happened to bring some trash to the dumpster, which happened to have this cherry stained Queen Anne style pedestal side table sitting next to it. I thought it was ugly at the time, and it was a little wobbly, but we loaded it in the truck anyways. After the table sitting in the den for a week, the proverbial light bulb turned on. I needed a nightstand, but cherry was the wrong color for my room, so why not paint it to match?! (My room and two part bathroom each have a shade of bluish-grey to greyish-blue color, in light, medium and dark) To add a pop of monochromatic color to my room, I decided to paint the table the darkest blue as it would be sitting next to the middle blue accent wall.

The refinishing process took just three days. Well, three evenings of work and two days of drying. Day One: lightly sand, Gorilla Glue the screw post back in place, and paint the first coat. Day Two: paint the second coat. Day Three: put felt pads on leg bottoms and bask in my brilliance. At this point the only downfall was that I used high-gloss paint, so everything stuck to the surface. Solution? Round rattan placemat in a similar color pattern! I made sure to bring my color samples so I could match or contrast the placemat correctly.

The result is perfect! It’s big enough for a book and bottle of water while being a complementary contrasting accent to the décor. Complementary as it is within the same color scheme of the walls. Contrasting as the Queen Anne and painted style is opposite of my Espresso stained Transitional style furniture. It’s fun and chic without being outrageous so.
What do you think?