Friday, May 31, 2013

Concerning Questions

Possibly to be addressed at a later time. I just needed to get these topics written down : )
  1. If pro-baby proponents are concerned about the placement of a Planned Parenthood center in a predominately black area affecting the abortion rates of minorities, shouldn't someone be concerned with the placement of a Popeye's restaurant in a predominately black area affecting the health of the minorities?
  2. This new LA law makes it illegal with or without a contract for a woman to surrogate a fetus for homosexual or single persons. since the state doesn't recognize homosexual unions, the couple would be considered as each being a homosexual single. thus the law makes it double illegal for anyone gay to have or hire a surrogate mother. But it also affects hetero-singles who want the baby they can't carry. How is this constitutional for either sexual orientation?
  3. With increasingly more young people heading to college for pricey educations in fields with limited hiring, will we begin to see lower enrollment in four-year colleges and instead see these young people go into technical colleges for trade-skills?
  4. As the country expands in size, more of our goods and services are being outsources to foreign locations. While global trade is essential for any modern economy, local trade is equally important. What will it take to realize that products "Made in the USA" are better for us as a people and country?
  5. If another country were to attack ours with nukes not jet planes, how would the country react? We are a fickle nation, prone to forget about events that don't affect us directly. If Los Angeles was obliterated, for how long would Atlanta care before resuming normal life? Would young men and women rush to enlist or just sit back and do nothing? The dynamic of our population has changed since the great wards and patriotism of the past.