Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Dating the “Good Guy” is a “Good Idea”

Okay, so you may not melt when he holds the door open. And you won’t feel the hot, dirty wind in your hair sitting in his cool air conditioned sedan. That sense of security just isn’t all that scintillating. Wake up the ladies! Security is sweeter than you think.

Admittedly when I say security I think Desperate Housewives, good money and nice cars. While this is a reality for some, security can be as simple as a steady minimum wage job, rundown apartment and beat-up jalopy. It’s possible either way. Security is whatever you wish for it to be, really.

“Good guys” may usually not have the fresh out of bed look, but they look damn good all clean cut. A shave, a swipe with the comb and a splash of cologne honestly get me more work up than a month’s beard and body odor. Tailored suits or graphic tees are pretty darn sexy. It’s all about appearances in this country and “good guys” have what it takes.

The greatest part about “good guys” when you start dating, especially, is that they cause less mom – nagging. Your mother will always like a man who brings home the bacon over one who doesn’t. And the lack of nagging and “I told you so’s” is worth its weight in “good guy.”

Even if you’re an older woman on the dating scene, “good guys” can still mean less nagging but also more maturity. Having responsibilities greatly matures a man, if he is responsible for them. There’s your catch! Though he has the responsibilities at hand, he may not have the maturity to deal with them. Hence therefore, disaster! Find a “good guy” if you’re ready to start thinking about settling down for the long haul, with or without baggage.

So let’s recap why dating “good guys” is a “good idea.” 1) security 2) well kept/good appearance and hygiene 3) mom – friendly 4) marriage material. Those sound like a winning combo to me! All of this talk definitely comes from experience. As mentioned in the “bad boy” post, I have dated a few guys who my mom either did not or would not have approved of. Now, however, I seem to have found that magic diamond in the rough “good guy.” Let me tell you, the difference is amazing and very much worth it.