Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Dating the “Bad Boy” is a “Bad Idea”

Admit it girls, James Bond gets your panties in a tizzy. That biker dude had you all wound up. Even that marine has you wishing for more. Why? Because we are idiots. That’s right, boys, we’re the idiots this time.

You can’t entirely blame us, though. This little thing called a maternal instinct kicks in when we see you. Outside you’re a rough and tough, hard-as-nails man’s man. Women, though, see that cute little kid that’s crying out for a bit of love and attention. Which is true? Don’t ask me!

That instinct aside, we do it for the rush, the feel of the wind in our hair, the fear of departure, the rough sex. It’s all about the adrenaline rush. You guys love it; so do we. It’s a basic human need for some, for others it’s just a fix.

However, when you combine the maternal instinct and the adrenaline rush, you get a whole new ballgame. It’s like getting a fix every time you brush the crumbs off his shirt. Not healthy! I would say this is a extreme condition, rather uncommon. At the same time, though, I think most women would go through a similar phase. I know I did! It was a rush to make sure my “bad boy” didn’t look a mess. Or that my wild-child brushed his hair. I am proud to say that we few are special, albeit insane.

Ladies, if you’re still wondering why it’s such a big deal, wake up! Your mother told you he’s impossible to change and she’s right! No matter how much you may try or wish it, your “bad boy” will just not change. Trust me! You + guy +change = never! Try changing yourself and see how fun that is.

However, there is a catch for the smart and manipulative woman. “Bad boys” won’t ever change for someone else, just themselves. If you’re good enough, you can “manipulate” your “bad boy” to actually want to change. Need a hint, read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus;” it’s pure gold. But there’s always a catch to a catch! Especially with “bad boys,” don’t get caught! This can ruin not only your hard work but also your relationship.

Of course, you could just be happy with him as he is. “Bad boys” are unique and wonderful as they are without changes. And if you just can’t be content with him, get out of the relationship. Being unhappy yourself and causing him unhappiness is unfair to the both of you. So if you can’t be happy or neither of you will change, do yourselves a favor and end it. You don’t have to lose him, though. “Bad boys” make the best of friends and will always look out for you if you’re on good terms with them.

So let’s recap why dating the “bad boy” is a “bad idea.” 1) it turns women into idiots, 2) it’s stupid if you’re stupid about it, 3) doesn’t work if you intend to change him but can’t adapt yourself, 4) just a plain bad idea if you get into the relationship for any other reason than love. But if you think you can truly be happy with your “bad boy,” then be so! Happiness comes in many shapes, forms and attitudes.

Now go out and hug your favorite “bad boy!”