Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Abort! Abort!

Or don’t. This is one of those issues that people just can’t butt out of, usually because of their “Christian duty.” Women have reasons behind getting an abortion. It’s a huge decision that nay-sayers automatically say wouldn’t be an issue because they choose life. But they can’t understand what it’s really like to make that decision until they themselves are forced to make it. I hold one opinion, but having never had that experience, I could very well change my mind.

I hope most of us would agree that abortions for medical reasons are acceptable. Unless you’re a crazy fanatic, I think anyone would choose their own life over something that can be created again. Think about it! There’s always a second chance, be it another pregnancy or adoption. Fetuses can be replaced! Babies not so much, but fetuses yes. So please, don’t throw away your life, for medical or personal reasons. If you’re not ready and you think this is the right decision, don’t let someone else’s religious beliefs get in your way. Unless those beliefs are yours too, then you have some serious thinking to do. You made a mistake, I’m sure you understand this by now. So the question is: do you want to raise this mistake and mess up your life as is? It will get better. However, raising a kid is a huge responsibility that not everyone is ready for, especially if not planned. It’s okay to say that this unexpected pregnancy is too much to handle and abort the mission.

On the other side of the spectrum, though, you totally just created this little blob of cells that will eventually become a real person! Do you feel the rush of power yet? Any factor in the creation of life is pretty awesome, no matter what theory you follow. This awesomeness should be embraced and loved and not given up so quickly. There are so many rewards to being a parent that it’s definitely worth the “joys” of pregnancy. Yes, every fetus deserves the right to develop further. This is perhaps not a constitutional right, per say, but still a universal right. You may regret the happening, but you will definitely not regret the end result. If you’re still on friendly terms with him, kiss and thank the guy who knocked you up! If he’s a good enough guy, and he’s willing, don’t get rid of him. This is a learning lesson for the both of you.

There are a few arguments I could pull for both sides. Adoption is always an option if you can bear to pop out the mass of goo then hand it off. Many couples would love to have your newborn. Or it can join the sea other unwanted kids the nation forgets about, left to make the rounds in foster homes. What if you can’t afford the responsibility? Well, that comparably cheap trip to the clinic can save you tens of thousands of dollars along the road. Or you can avoid the clinic and be given money from the government to help pay for your “wonderful mistake.” The old “my parents would kill me” line doesn’t really work, unless you parents really would. At worst, they’ll disown you and kick you out, in which case it’s time to grow up anyways. At best, they’ll not talk to you for a while then welcome you back to their good graces and loving support.

If you’re still not sure where your feelings fall, just say you support both or neither. I mean, you’re playing “God” either way. Women have the right to choose!