Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight - Movie Review

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to type up the review for perhaps the movie of the year. I had been forewarned by a friend or two about the sheer epic-ness of this movie. Meer words cannot do this film justice.

Obviously, the acting should be the first thing talked about. These were some huge characters roles to fill and every single one was nailed. Starring in the latest edition of such a popular story line is daunting in itself. Christian Bale is all angsty badass again. I think the switch from Katie Holmes to Maggie Gyllenhaal worked very well, almost better than before. The introduction of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent is brilliant for his physical and character contrast to Bale’s Bruce Wayne. And of course the person America’s been freaking out over: Heath Ledger. I would say all the hype is worth it. I have never seen an actor so in to character like this before. All the little nuances, mannerisms, speech, appearances just complete the character, making the Joker completely believable. Award winning performance, most definitely.

Now for the screen play. Holy cow? The story was so dark and deep and insane. I always knew the Batman series was dark, but this movie takes it to a whole new level. The action, the drama, the excitement, the intrigue, the tears… this movie had it all. The several epic fight scenes were well choreographed and placed within the movie. They were rough and tough but still managed to pull out a few comic-book-esq moments. The psychoanalysis going on throughout the movie amazed and delighted me. Psychology and violence never fought together so well as in this movie. It really makes you question yourself and society and our heroes. Yet there is still an uplifting moment of pride in being a member of human society. Visuals were above par. Very little if any CGI was obvious, though you know they had to have used it. Even some of the in-your-face CGI moments were realistic. And big-badda-booms were very pretty. Woe are the tears, though. I haven’t ever cried over a comic-book movie. This one made the tears well up.

On a note that is rarely talked about, the musical score is amazing. Normally I don’t pay attention to the music, which is bad to say, I know, but it usually blends into the movie like background noise. But that’s impossible to do with this movie. I was well aware, during the whole movie, of the scores being played because they made the scenes complete. There’s even a bit of a surprise in the music if you actually pay attention!

So in conclusion: holy cow, zomg, wtfbbq, so freaking amazing. This movie is worth multiple viewings at full price. Can you say movie of the decade? Let’s see if the next movie can top this.